12-in-1 Female
Health & Wellness Test

A simple, finger-prick blood test that measures;

- Estradiol, TSH, LH, Prolactin & SHBG
- Cholesterol Profile, Insulin Resistance, Inflammation,
- Average Blood Sugars, Oxidative Stress & Visceral Fat.

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- HSA/FSA accepted
- All testing performed in a CAP & CLIA accredited lab

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What biomarkers are measured?

Cholesterol Profile

Cholesterol is a key marker of cardiovascular health measured by Total : HDL ratio.

Insulin Resistance

A key marker of metabolic health measured by Triglycerides : HDL ratio. It is a common predisposition to type- 2 diabetes.

Oxidative Stress

A key marker of biological aging measured by Gamma-Glutamyl-Transferase.

Average Blood Sugars

A key indicator of metabolic health and is a risk factor for developing diabetes measured by hbA1c.


Measured by hs-CRP and is a key risk factor for heart disease and certain cancers.

Visceral Fat

Linked to proper organ function, measured by waist:height ratio.


In early reproductive years, estradiol is the main controller that develops and maintains female sex characteristics during puberty.

Luteinizing Hormone (LH)

LH is a hormone made in the pituitary gland. LH is one of the main sex hormones and can trigger and promote ovulation in females.

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)

TSH stimulates the release of thyroid hormones T3 and T4, which helps regulate the amount of energy that is used in the body.


Prolactin is a hormone that is released by the pituitary gland and plays a functional role in female lactation and certain tissue development.

Sex-Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)

SHBG is a glycoprotein produced in the liver and binds to female sex hormones such as estradiol.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D plays multiple important roles in the body, including supporting immune, brain and nervous system health.

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