HIIT training

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HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is, as the name suggests, a higher intensity, interval-based version of standard aerobic workouts that typically involve a consistent pace without breaks in-between. HIIT training impacts your body's physiology in a number of key ways. See how it impacts your individual markers below.

Read More The type of movement is not as important as the structure of how you perform the movement(s). All HIIT training is structured in the following format: An INTERVAL of a specific movement (biking, sprinting, stairs etc) for a short interval of time (20 - 120 seconds) A REST period in-between intervals (20 - 60 seconds). REPEAT of the above for a specific number of SETS (i.e. number of repetitions). It’s important to note that during each interval you should reach maximal exertion (typically 80 - 90% max heart rate). You don’t have to be an athlete to do HIIT training. Any workout can be structured as HIIT training.