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The Choose Health
Liver Test & Detox
Tonic Bundle
formulated by medical experts
made for
your liver

Liver Test and Detox Bundle, formulated by medical experts,
made for your liver.

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How does the detox

Step 1.
Take The Choose Health
At-Home Liver Test

Measures 7 key markers linked to liver health and function.

ALT converts proteins into energy in the liver. It is released when liver cells are damaged.

(Alanine Transaminase)

AST is an enzyme that is crucial to amino acid metabolism. It is released into the blood when liver cells are damaged.

(Asparate Aminotransferase)

While levels of both AST and ALT are compared, it can give a true reflection of the cause of several liver conditions.

AST:ALT ratio

A key marker of biological aging which is a measurement for Oxidative Stress in the liver.


A key indicator of metabolic health and a risk factor for developing diabetes. Measured by hbA1c.

Avg. Blood Sugar

hsCRP is an acute-phase protein, which is produced by the liver in response to an injury, infection or general inflammation.


An estimate of fat surrounding the organs and is linked to proper organ function. Measured by waist to height ratio.

Visceral Fat

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Step 2.
Choose Health's Liver Detox Tonic

Each detox tonic contains:
Each detox tonic contains:
Dandelion Root
Dandelion is known for it's
anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that help detox the liver.
Essential oils of orange
enhance the liver's cleansing ability.
Sunflower seeds
Rich in vitamin E, sunflower seeds help prevent damage to liver cells.
Milk Thistle
Silymarin, the active ingredient in Milk Thistle is one of the most effective remedies for liver damage.
Gentian root
Improves the digestive function in the liver. Also stimulates the production of bile.
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Real life case study

Using our very own at-home finger prick blood test we conducted a trial in which we assessed the efficacy of our liver detox tonic in regulating the most important liver enzymes - AST, ALT & GGT.

AST decreased by 50%
ALT decreased by 52%
GGT decreased by 25%
Choose Health Liver Tonic decreased AST levels by 50%
ast levels
Choose Health Detox
We saw a decrease in AST in our control group of 50% after 30 days of our liver detox tonic.
Choose Health liver tonic decreased ALT levels by 52%
ast levels
Choose Health Detox
We saw a decrease in ALT in our control group of 52% after 30 days of our liver detox tonic.
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What is included in the Liver Detox Bundle?

At-Home Liver Test:
Choose Health allows you to measure 7 key biomarkers of your liver health & function (collected with a simple prick of your finger). We provide insight on the results dashboard on how to improve any markers that are outside the 'optimal range'.
Liver Detox Tonic:
Also included is a 30-day supply of our liver detox.
1 bottle of Liver Sauce & 1 box of Charcoal Binders (20-pack) that are both consumed orally.

What biomarkers are measured on the test?

With a simple finger-prick, we test for 7 key markers of liver health & function:
• AST (Aspartate Aminotransferase)
• ALT (Alanine Aminotransferase)
• AST:ALT Ratio
• GGT (Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase)
• Inflammation (hs-CRP)
• Average Blood Sugar (hbA1c)
• Visceral Fat (Waist : Heigh Ratio)

How does the Liver Detox cleanse my liver?

Our liver detox is a versatile two-step cleansing and detoxifying protocol that helps "push" toxins to the gut and then "catches" them with binding agents to safely expel them from the body.
"Push" - Liver Sauce blends phytonutrients and four potent bitters that support the phases of detox and help ‘push’ toxins through the body.
"Catch" - Binders are a crucial step in ‘catching’ and removing toxins from the body, helping to prevent toxic recirculation. Metals, pesticides, hormone mimics, mold toxins, and more: Ultra Binder is designed to help remove them all.

What ingredients are in the liver tonic? Any dietary restrictions?

Liquid extracts of Dandelion root, Gentian root, Solidago gigantea aerial parts, Myrrh Oleo-gum-raisin, and Essential Oil of Sweet Orange.
Diindolylmethane, Milk Thistle Seed Extract, Quercetin, and Luteolin Extract.
Our binder includes activated Charcoal, Chitosan, Aloe Vera Leaf & Silica Extract.

Our Detox Tonic & Binder are Allergen Free, cGMP Certified, Soy Protein Free, Non GMO, Gluten Free & Vegan.

Who should take this detox?

Three of the main risk factors of liver disease are alcohol consumption, eating processed & fatty foods and being overweight. If these apply to you, our liver detox bundle is a great first step. This being said, anyone looking to gain some insight into their liver health and function is a suitable candidate. You must be over 18.

What labs are used & is my data safe?

We only partner CLIA and CAP accredited labs to provide testing solutions. These labs have the same accreditations as labs that your doctor might use. Our blood collection device is FDA-approved.
We use the highest standards in end-to-end encryption and comply with the strictest standards for HIPAA compliance. We firmly believe that your data is yours and yours alone.

How do I take this test?

Please watch our instructional video on how to properly take the test: https://choosehealth.io/instructions
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