All set!

Our healthcare team will email you shortly to schedule a time that works best for you.


Who are we?

We are Choose Health, a modern consumer healthcare company trusted by thousands to improve their lives. Our mission is to be the most affordable and engaging way to track your internal health from the comfort of your home. We are comprised of a world-class medical team having over 80 years of experience in preventative healthcare.

How does this service work?

Once you've made the purchase, one of our licensed healthcare practitioners will reach out to you through email or text to schedule a time to call you. When they call, you can talk them about anything related to your health. Think of it like any normal healthcare visit, but you can talk to them for as long as you'd like! You can also have them order at-home blood tests too.

How much does this cost?

It's a one-time purchase for $25.

Is my information safe?

We use the highest standards in end-to-end encryption and comply with the strictest standards for HIPAA compliance. We firmly believe that your data is yours and yours alone.