Private-Label At-home
Dried Blood Testing

Choose Health's private label blood testing is an opportunity for your company to maintain and strengthen its brand while adapting to the needs of your clients’ convenience.

With finger prick testing, all blood work can be performed in clinic or from the comfort of your clients own home.

We offer drop-shipping or bulk shipping options.


Getting Started
On Your
White-Label Journey

offer your branded kits in three easy steps

1. Choose YOUR 
custom panel & quantity

2. Design YOUR
product packaging

3. Sell YOUR own branded blood testing kits


How To Resell?

Whether you want a virtual or in-store offering, we can help!

1. In your practice

Stock your physical kits in your practice.

2. Drop-ship to your clients.

Get set up with an online store to drop-ship kits to your clients own homes.

Dried Blood Spot (DBS) Testing

  • Excellent correlation with serum & whole blood.
  • Convience of fingerprick collection method while maintaining accuracy of lab-based analysis.
  • Easy self collection method promotes client participation & engagement.
  • No expiration dates on our kits.
  • Blood is stable for up to 30 days in transit.

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What comes with the service?

Choose Health is an at-home health tracking service that allows you to track key markers of internal health (collected with a simple prick of your finger) and learn how your diet, exercise and lifestyle are impacting your markers so you can make more informed decisions on your health journey. Each kit contains:
• Lab test supplies
• Tape measure for visceral fat
• Pre-paid shipping package to send your test to the lab
• Unlimited subscription to Choose Health mobile tracking service application

What markers can I test?

You can personalize your test to track the markers that are most relevant to you. If you don't know which markers you want to test, our team of doctors will help recommend which might be most relevant to you based on your lifestyle, goals and family history. Our current list of markers include:
• Cardiovascular Health (Total Cholesterol : HDL Ratio)
• Insulin Resistance (Trigylcerides : HDL Ratio)
• Average Blood Sugar (hbA1c)
• Body Composition and Visceral Fat (Waist : Heigh Ratio)
• Oxidative Stress (GGT)
• Inflammation (hs-CRP)
• Vitamin D (25-OH vitamin D)
• Testosterone (Total)
• Thyroid (TSH)

Who should take this test?

If you would like to learn how your nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, drinking and family history are impacting your long-term health you should take this test. You must be over 18.

Is my data safe?

We use the highest standards in end-to-end encryption and comply with the strictest standards for HIPAA compliance. We firmly believe that your data is yours and yours alone.

What labs are used to process my test?

We only partner CLIA and CAP accredited labs to provide testing solutions. These labs have the same accreditations as labs that your doctor might use.

Does Choose Health do DNA testing?

Choose Health is an at-home blood testing service. We do not offer DNA testing and your sample will never be stored or saved for the purpose of testing your DNA. The labs we have partnered with do not offer DNA testing services.

How do I take this test?

Please watch our instructional video on how to properly take the test: by copy and pasting the following link into your search bar: