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Measures Lipids (HDL, LDL, Trigs), HBA1C, hsCRP, GGT & Visceral Fat.

Monitor your Liver Health and Function with our 7-in-1 Liver Test.

Screen yourself for pre-cursors to Chronic Kidney Diseases!

Measures Vitamin-D along with our core set of Metabolic Markers!

Measure your TSH levels to determine Thyroid Function!

Measure the primary male hormone alongside your Metabolic Health!

Test key hormones of male health with our 6-in-1 test.

Check your primary female hormones with our 7-in-1 at-home test.

Measure your Testosterone levels.

Our most comprehensive Male Health Test. Test 12 key markers of male health.

Our 11-in-1 Female Health test measures key biomarkers and hormones of female health.

Our 12-in-1 Test measures Vitamin D alongside 6 biomarkers and 5 hormones associated with female health.