Choose Health Expands Testing Platform With Private Label At-Home Blood Testing

Choose Health has announced it is expanding its product line to offer private label at-home

blood tests with access to the company’s proprietary results platform. Partnering with private

physicians, clinics and health & wellness firms within the US provides a platform to offer

affordable at-home blood testing to more people within the US

Unlike other at-home blood test providers, Choose Health has created a seamless, multi-

channel branded experience. Private label branding is added to:

     ● Product packaging and inserts

     ● Instructions for use

     ● Online results platform interface

     ● Virtual customer intake form

     ● Client emails (if applicable)

All redirect links will also go to the retailer’s website and meeting schedulers. The entire process

is designed so that end customers only interact with the private label’s brand.

Choose Health’s white label partners can choose from 28+ biomarkers to create customized

test panels that are highly relevant to service or product offerings while providing valuable

feedback to end users.

Everything that’s needed for reliable at-home blood testing is included in Choose Health’s white-

label service. Each at-home blood test kit includes:

     ● Lab test supplies

     ● Inbound and outbound shipping

     ● Unlimited access to a branded result tracking app

     ● Physicians requisition processing

     ● 24/7 customer service

Choose Health uses dried blood spot (DBS) testing technology. DBS tests are beneficial for the

provider and end-user because they are:

     ● More affordable.

     ● More stable compared to whole blood testing.

     ● Less invasive than venipuncture/whole blood.

     ● Kits do not expire.

“Finger prick testing provides powerful information with just a few drops of blood. We’re excited

to offer white label at-home blood tests that produce accurate results on par with serum and

whole blood analysis.” Matthew McDermott, Msc, Head of Research & Development at Choose


Choose Health isn’t just providing easier access to white label at-home blood tests. Opening up

their HIPAA-compliant tracking platform allows test takers to access actionable information that

they can track over time.

The customized results dashboard features:

     ● Personalized video with overview of results.

     ● Insights with results for each biomarker.

     ● Recommendations on how to improve biomarkers.

Beyond providing data, the test results platform also gives private label companies:

     ● New communication channel with clients.

     ● Data for developing highly targeted marketing campaigns.

     ● Outlet for building brand awareness and loyalty.

     ● Opportunity for repeat sales by encouraging customers to retest and track data.

     ● Overall, better customer experience.

Using private label at-home blood tests from Choose Health isn’t limited to professionals with

specialty practices. They can be resold in-store or online by any of the following:

     ● Private Practitioners

     ● Wellness Clinics

     ● Med Spas

     ● Pharmacies

     ● Weight Loss Facilities

     ● Clinical Trial Companies

     ● Supplement Providers

At-home testing is expected to be a $2 billion industry by 2025. Choose Health is positioned to

be the test provider of choice for any private label company that wishes to greatly increase its

revenue potential as the use of at-home blood testing expands.

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